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Reader Reviews: Graceland -- Elvis Presley's Home

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Sharon Kristof

Graceland Review

Name of location: 

San Antonio, Texas

Date of visit: 

May 11th, 2011

My Review 

Beautiful Graceland, Graceland wasn't only a beautiful Manison, it was a home of a beautiful artist and a beautiful human being. Elvis loved going home to Graceland. , and I can see why. Got to visit Graceland May 11th of 2011. As I walked in yes the stairway was a little emotional, I knew up there is where he left us all. I could feel his presence all around me, a feeling of serenity, calm very peaceful. And it really dawned on me this is the home to Elvis Aron Presley, someone I have known since I've been 13 years old, someone I had grown to love over the years. It wasn't like I thought it would be. I figured I would walk in and see these big giganic rooms with big chandeliers, but it was nothing like that, Small but very cozy rooms, like you would expect a home to be. Walked outside and you see the field, the horses and you imagine Elvis out there riding "Rising Sun or Domino. Then the "Meditation Garden" where Elvis, his Mom and Dad , and his twin brother is laid to rest, I passed it up on the tour cause I knew I wasn't quite ready. At the end of the day I asked one of the drivers if he would drive me to the gravesite, he did and gave me ten minutes there. I was by myself. It was emotional, very emotional but very, very serene, but I talked to him as he was standing next to me for within my heart he was. I knew I wasn't there to tell him goodbye, I could never do that. Told him I'll see him in heaven. Then I had to go which was one of the biggest hurt I have ever felt. Going to Graceland was a dream come true, leaving it was pure hell. I miss Graceland but most of all I miss one of the most wonderful human being you could had ever known. Mr. Elvis Aron Presley. R.I.P. Sweetheart, hope to visit again soon

Favorite Part of the Tour 

Visiting the memorial garden.

Least Favorite Part of the Tour 

The stairway.

Advice to Others 

Visit Graceland if you get a chance. It's something that you will never regret. It's all about memories of the greatest entertainer that this world has ever heard or seen The home of "The King of Rock n Roll" and a wonderful beautiful human being The whole day was very special to me.Love and miss hi

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