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Memphis: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How Did Elvis Presley Die?
Frequently asked questions about Elvis and his death.
Where to Get a Great Thanksgiving Dinner in...
Memphis area restaurants and stores that offer Thanksgiving meals to-go or to eat-in.
You Must See These Attractions in Memphis
Ten must-see attractions in the Memphis area.
All You Need to Know About Tennessee Alcohol Laws
Tennessee laws on alcohol and drinking
Memphis Area Christmas Parades
A listing of holiday parades in the Greater Memphis area.
Is Elvis Presley Actually Alive?
Is it possible that Elvis Presley is still alive?
Check Out These Bars and Clubs on Beale Street...
A comprehensive listing of all the bars, restaurants, and clubs on world-famous Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee.
Did Elvis Have Any Illegitimate Children?
Did Elvis Presley father any children aside from Lisa Marie? Over the years, a number of people have claimed to be Elvis' sons or daughters. Read about those people and their claims here.
Memphis Christmas Guide
A guide to all things Christmas in the Memphis area.
What's T.C.B.?
An explanation of the initials T.C.B. in regard to Elvis Presley
20 Best Places to Have Your Birthday Party in...
Twenty great places to celebrate your child's special day.
Shelby County Unified Schools Calendar
Shelby County Unified Schools calendar for the 2013-2014 school year, showing first and last days of school, holidays, in-service days, and more.
Everything You Need to Know About Graceland
An overview of Graceland, Elvis Presley's mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.
Did Elvis Have Any Siblings?
Frequently asked questions about Elvis and his family.
Activities That Will Captivate Your Children in...
A list of fun things to do with kids in the Memphis area.
Top 6 Gay and Lesbian Nightspots in Memphis
Some of the best GLBT nightspots in Memphis
Where Is Elvis Presley's Grave?
Frequently asked questions about Elvis and his death.
Black Friday in Memphis
How to get the best deals when shopping in Memphis on Black Friday
Shelby County Zip Codes
A listing of zip codes in the Memphis area.
Was Elvis Presley Racist?
The truth behind rumors that Elvis Presley was a racist.
11 Free Things to Do and See in Memphis,...
Things to do for free in Memphis.
What was Elvis Presley's Middle Name?
Frequently asked questions about Elvis.
Things To Do on Thanksgiving Day in Memphis
When the turkey is gone, there are still plenty of things to do in Memphis on Thanksgiving Day.
The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants in Memphis
Memphis' best fine dining establishments
How Many Children Did Elvis Presley Have?
Frequently asked questions about Elvis and his family.
Memphis Downtown Holiday Parade
Downtown Memphis holiday parade is put on by the Center City Commission. This annual holiday parade that proceeds down South Main kicks off the holiday season in Memphis. Local flair is represented by marching bands, scooter clubs, Miss Memphis, Memphis Fire Department, Santa Claus and others.
How Much Is My Elvis Memorabilia Worth?
Wondering how much your Elvis Presley memorabilia is worth? The answer may surprise you.
The Mississippi River
Information on the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee.
Are There Any Casinos Near Memphis?
Information on the Tunica casinos located just south of Memphis.
Where To Visit Santa in the Memphis Area
Places in the Memphis area to meet Santa Claus.
Memphis Area Christmas Tree Farms
Where to go in the Memphis Area to cut down your own Christmas Tree
Insider's perspective to Graceland from a...
Ever wondered what it's like behind the magic at Elvis Presley's Graceland? This insider's perspective to Graceland is one former employee's thoughts.
Is There a State Income Tax in Tennessee?
Information on personal income taxes in Tennessee, along with information on the state's Hall tax and both county and state sales tax.
Wonderfully Free and Inexpensive Memphis...
Eleven of the best bargains on Memphis area attractions. Includes free and reduced admission days for the zoo, museums, sporting events, the theater, and more.
When are the Tennessee Lottery Numbers Drawn?
Get Cash 3, Cash 4, Lotto 5, and Powerball winning numbers here.
What Is the Sales Tax in Memphis?
Information on sales tax in Memphis, TN
The Peabody Ducks
The story behind the famous Peabody Ducks.
Zoo Lights Photos
Photos of the annual Zoo Lights, a Christmas light display held at the MemphisZoo.
Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for in the...
Each year, Fortune Magazine ranks the best 100 companies to work for in the United States. Below are the Memphis companies that have appeared on the list.
Top 8 Book Stores in the Memphis Area
Some of the best book stores in Memphis and the surrounding area.
Step-by-Step Instructions to Apply for Food...
How and where to apply for food stamps in Memphis
Does It Ever Snow in Memphis?
Statistics on snow in Memphis.
How to Volunteer in Memphis
Learn about volunteer opportunities in the Memphis area.
Memphis International Airport Parking Guide
This Memphis International Airport Parking Guide has all the details for long- and short-term parking as well as options for dropping off passengers.
The Rendezvous in Memphis
A review of the world-famous Rendezvous restaurant located in Memphis, Tennessee
Does Elvis Have Any Grandkids?
Information on Elvis Presley's grandchildren, Riley and Ben Keough
The Pink Palace Museum
Information on the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.
Memphis Area Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free
A listing of Memphis restaurants that offer free or very cheap kids meals.
Memphis FM Radio Stations
A listing of Memphis' FM radio stations and their formats
Top 9 Day Spas in the Memphis Area
Top ten day spas in the Memphis area.
Top 10 Unique Gifts for the Elvis Fan
Here are 10 unique gifts for all the Elvis fans in your life.
How to Get a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit
How to obtain a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit in Memphis.
Coupons and Discounts
Where to find coupons and discounts for Memphis attractions, restaurants, and services.
Why Did Elvis Have Two Wedding Rings?
Find out why Elvis had to have two wedding rings.
The Pyramid Arena
The Pyramid Arena in Memphis has been a focal point on the city's skyline since 1991. The venue is owned by both Shelby County and the city of Memphis.
The National Civil Rights Museum
Profile of the National Civil Rights Museum, includes visitor information and history.
Which Memphis Restaurant Have Been Featured on...
Memphis restaurants that have been featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
Holiday Movies, Plays, and Other Shows in the...
A listing of the Christmas plays, movies, and other shows going on in the Memphis area.
The Arcade Restaurant
Review of Memphis' oldest dining establishment, the Arcade Restaurant
Memphis' Best Live Music Venues
List and descriptions of the best live music venues in Memphis. These Memphis music venues offer atmosphere and consistently good shows.
8 Best Sports Bars in Memphis
Information on some of the best sports bars in the Memphis area
A Guide to Live Music on Beale Street
Guide to live music venues on Beale Street. Refer to this guide for live Memphis rock-n-roll, blues, cover bands, and concerts on Beale Street. Find great blues and other live music on Memphis' Beale Street at B.B. King's, Blues City Cafe, and other clubs.
Top 10 Health Clubs in the Memphis Area
The top gyms in Memphis and the Mid-South.
How to File for Unemployment in Tennessee
How to file for unemployment in Tennessee. These are temporary benefits designed to tide the individual over until he or she can find new work.
Enchanted Forest Festival of Trees
Information on Memphis' Enchanted Forest Festival of Trees
Discount Grocery Stores in Memphis
Information on discount grocery stores in Memphis
New Year's Eve Events in the Memphis Area
A listing of New Year's events going on in the Memphis area.
Need a Prom Dress in Memphis? Read This
A listing of places to buy and rent prom dresses in the Memphis area.
Memphis Area Malls
A description of malls in the Memphis area
Top 10 Unique Shops in Memphis
Top 10 unique shops in the Memphis area
Was Elvis Born in Memphis?
Frequently asked questions about Elvis and his birthplace.
New Year's Eve Party at the Peabody Hotel
Information on the New Year's Eve party at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis
When Was Elvis Presley's Birthday?
Frequently asked questions about Elvis and his birthday.
Ghosts of Memphis
Information on Memphis ghosts, hauntings, and other supernatural occurrences
Getting a Social Security Card in Memphis
Where to go in Memphis to get a new or replacement Social Security card or to get help with other Social Security benefits.
Sun Studio
All about Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee where Elvis Presley recorded his first songs and recording home to B.B. King, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Roy Orbison.
How Long Was Elvis Married?
Frequently asked questions about Elvis and his family.
What Was Elvis Presley's First Record?
Frequently asked questions about Elvis and his music.
What You Need to Know About The Big One Flea...
Information on The Big One, Memphis' largest flea market
Memphis Style Barbecue
What exactly is Memphis-style barbecue and what makes it so good?
Fun Day Trips Outside of Memphis
These nearby destinations are fun places to visit for a one day getaway.
Top 10 Places to Get a Cup of Coffee
The top places in the Memphis area to enjoy a great cup of coffee.
Property Taxes in Memphis and Shelby County
Memphis and Shelby County property tax rates and how to calculate your own property tax. Examples of how to calculate your rates.
Memphis Public Library and Information Center
Information on the Memphis Public Library and Information Center
Where To Adopt a Pet in Memphis
Information on animal shelters and rescues in the Memphis, Tennessee area
The Robin Hood Hills Murders
The story of the Robin Hoods Hills Murders and the convictions of the West Memphis Three
Average Temperatures in Memphis
Get the average temperatures for every month of the year in Memphis.
Local Gastropub
Description of Local Gastropub as one of the best patio bars in Memphis. Local Gastropub on the Main Street trolley line in downtown Memphis offers a nice patio, full bar and great food.
Registering Your Car in Shelby County
If you need to register your car or renew your license plate in Shelby County, Tennessee, here is what you need to know.
Things To Do on Christmas Day in Memphis
Looking for something to do on Christmas Day in Memphis? Check out this list.
Memphis Zoo Membership
Information on membership to the Memphis Zoo.
The Insider's Guide to Saving Money in Memphis
Find ways to save money while living in or visiting Memphis.
The Memphis Zoo
Information on the Memphis Zoo such as prices, location, and exhibits.
The History of Memphis
A brief history of Memphis, TN
The First 48 in Memphis
Information on The First 48 episodes featuring the city of Memphis
Ice Skating in Memphis
If you want to put on some skates and hit the ice, find out where to go in the Memphis area.
Memphis Restaurants Open on Christmas Day
Memphis area restaurants that are open on Christmas Day.
The Best Movie Theaters in the Memphis Area
Information on location and showtimes for Malco and Ajay Theatres in the Memphis area.
All About the Strict Child Restraint Laws in...
Car seat and child restraint laws in Tennessee.
Things To Do in Germantown
Some of the many things to do for fun and recreation in Germantown, TN
How To Get a GED in Memphis
Learn how to get your GED by taking the General Education Development test in Memphis, TN.
Elvis Presley's Possible Identities Post 1977
Is Elvis alive? If so, could he be living as one of these individuals?
New Year's Eve in Memphis
Guide to some of the best New Year's Eve events in Memphis. Find signature Downtown Memphis parties, restaurant specials, and live music.
How to Get a Marriage License in Memphis
How to get a marriage license in the Memphis and Shelby County.
Top 10 Movies Filmed in Memphis
Ten of the best movies that were filmed in Memphis, TN
Holiday Safety Tips
Holiday safety tips from the Memphis Police Department
DeSoto County Schools 2013-2014 Calendar
DeSoto County Schools calendar for the 2013-2014 school year, showing first and last days of school, holidays, and more.
How to Get Your Driver's License in Memphis
Where to go in the Memphis area to get or renew your driver's license plus Tennessee driver's license requirements.
The 10 Must-Have Elvis Presley Albums
Elvis Presley had an extremely prolific career. Here is a list of some of his best albums, designed to give you an extensive sample of The King's work.
Five Ways to Welcome Fall in Memphis
Fall in Memphis is one of the best times of year as the brutal summer heat breaks and the city rediscovers the outdoors with festivals and events.
Memphis Restaurants Featured on 'The Best Thing...
Memphis restaurants that have appeared on Food Network's, The Best Thing I Ever Ate.
Elvis Presley's Memphis Addresses
A present-day photo gallery of the nine addresses at which Elvis once lived during his time in Memphis.
How To Donate Blood in Memphis
Learn how and where to donate the life-saving gift of blood in the Memphis area.
Job Hunting in Memphis
Some of the best resources for finding jobs in the Memphis area.
6 Places Where You Can Get a Great Steak in...
A list of some of the best steakhouses in Memphis.
Tennessee DUI Laws
An overview of Tennessee laws concerning driving under the influence, including penalties
Singing Christmas Tree
Bellevue Baptist is a mega-church in Cordova, Tennessee , just east of Memphis. It is the largest church
Charlie's Meat Market
Review of Charlie's Meat Market, located in Memphis, TN
How To Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate or...
Information on how to obtain a copy of a birth certificate or death certificate in Memphis and Shelby County.
Fun Places to Take Young Children in Memphis
Fun places in Memphis to take your toddler or preschooler
Where to Find the Best Southern Food in Memphis
Looking for authentic southern cuisine? These restaurants serve up some of the best southern food in Memphis.
All About the Lester Street Murders
Overview of the Lester Street murders in Memphis, TN
Where to Find a Date in Memphis
Some creative places to find your next date.
Photos of the annual Zoo Lights, a Christmas light display held at the MemphisZoo. Page 2.
The Memphis Botanic Garden
A photo gallery depicting the Memphis Botanic Garden
In Which Time Zone is Memphis?
Learn in which time zone the city of Memphis, TN is located.
Dinosaurs at the Memphis Zoo
Information on the Dinosaurs exhibit at the Memphis Zoo.
How To Get a Hunting License in Tennessee
Learn how to get a hunting license in the state of Tennessee.
Inz & Outz
Information on Inz and Outz, a GLBT themed shop in Memphis, TN
After-Hours Bars and Clubs in Downtown Memphis
There are countless places to hang out after a reasonable hour all over the city where rock-n-roll was born. A list of after-hours bars and clubs in Downtown Memphis.
Best Ice Cream Shops in Memphis
Here are the best places to get ice cream and other frozen treats in the Memphis area.
Stumbling Santa
Stumbling Santas bar hop in Memphis for charity every December. Memphians in Santa costumes stumble to designated spots and donate toys to children at the Ronald McDonald House.
Memphis Area Post Offices
A listing of all United States Post Offices in the greater Memphis area.
Carriage Ride
Photos of the annual Zoo Lights, a Christmas light display held at the MemphisZoo. Page 5.
Children's Museum of Memphis
Photo tour of the Children's Museum of Memphis
Why Is Memphis Water So Good?
Information on Memphis water and why it is so good
Photos of the annual Zoo Lights, a Christmas light display held at the MemphisZoo. Page 6.
Memphis Area Bowling Alleys
There are several bowling alleys in the Memphis area from which to choose. Here is the complete listing.
How Much is Minimum Wage in Tennessee?
Find out what minimum wage is in Tennessee
Countdown on Beale
Information about Countdown on Beale, a Memphis New Year's Eve Celebration
Photos of the annual Zoo Lights, a Christmas light display held at the MemphisZoo. Page 3.
Which School Did Justin Timberlake Attend in...
Information on Justin Timberlake and his connection to Memphis.
Crystal Shrine Grotto at Memorial Park Cemetery
Images from the Crystal Shrine Grotto in Memphis, Tennessee
Did Elvis Ever Perform in Any Commercials?
Learn about the only commercial Elvis Presley ever recorded.
Gone Fishing
Photos of the annual Zoo Lights, a Christmas light display held at the MemphisZoo. Page 7.
Santa's Plane
Photos of the annual Zoo Lights, a Christmas light display held at the MemphisZoo. Page 4.
The 11 Best Bars in Downtown Memphis
A guide to the best bars in Downtown Memphis. From dive bars to tourist joints, we’ve got it covered. Here is a list of those establishments that keep people coming back for more.
Fun Things to Do in Collierville, TN
Recreation and fun things to do in Collierville, TN
Tuesday Night in Memphis
Tuesday night in Memphis offers lots of trivia and some extra-large drink specials. If you like to think while you drink, this is the night to go out.
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