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Things To Do in Germantown


This upscale, family friendly suburb of Memphis offers plenty of fun and activities for the whole family. Below you will find some of Germantown's most popular things to do.

Germantown Athletic Club

The Germantown Athletic Club (formerly known as the Germantown Centre) offers something for everyone. The facility boasts swimming pools, both indoors and out, fitness equipment, classes, and social events like parties, dances, and potlucks. The Germantown Athletic Club is located at 1801 Exeter Road.

The Shops of Saddle Creek

You can shop 'til you drop at this upscale shopping center that really feels like an open-air mall. It boasts dozens of shops and restaurants including Ann Taylor, Gymboree, J. Crew, Vera Bradley, Williams Sonoma, and Yia Yias Eurocafe. It is located at Poplar Avenue and West Farmington.

Germantown Parks

Visiting a park can be a simple but enjoyable outing for the entire family. There are more than 20 beautiful parks in the city of Germantown. These parks offer ammenities such as fitness trails, walking paths, playgrounds, ball fields, tennis courts, lakes, and more. Best of all, you can enjoy these ammenities for free.

Forest Hill Cinema 8

The Forest Hill Cinema is a Malco theater with 8 screens. It is located at 3180 Village Shops Drive.

Germantown Performing Arts Centre

If you love live entertainment, the Germantown Performing Arts Centre is a perfect destination. Regularly scheduled events at GPAC include musicals, comedy shows, classes, and concerts. GPAC is located at 1801 Exeter Road.

The Wolf River Nature Area

The Wolf River Nature Area offers picnic areas, meadows, aquatic plant and animal displays, butterfly gardens, and more. It can be accessed from the Chick-Fil-A parking lot on Germantown Rd. and from two access points on Wolf River Blvd.
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