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Top 10 Unique Shops in Memphis


Though there are many malls, department stores, and discount shops to choose from in the Memphis area, there are times when you just want to find something different. Maybe you're looking for a pick-me-up for yourself or that perfect gift for a friend. Whatever it is, if you are looking for something unique, check out this list of some of the best unique shops in the Memphis area.

1. A. Schwab's

A. Schwab's is a dry goods store that was established in 1876. Creaking hardwood floors and nickel candy are just part of its charm. An eclectic variety of goods such as voodoo accouterments, underwear, walking sticks, and souvenirs plus a museum upstairs, make A. Schwab's perhaps the most unique shop in Memphis.

A. Schwab
163 Beale Street
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 523-9782

2. Wags and Whiskers

Wags and Whiskers is a fun shop for any pet lover! For dogs and cats, the store carries supplies such as treats, bowls, and collars. For pet lovers, Wags and Whiskers offers jewelry, apparel, art, and other gift items to please any pet parent.

Wags and Whiskers
5101 Sanderlin Avenue, Suite 104A
Memphis, TN 38117

3. Tobacco Corner

In business since 1959, the Tobacco Corner is a trusted retailer of fine cigars, pipes, and tobacco. If you are a cigar aficionado or know someone who is, you will undoubtedly find the perfect cigar in their stock of over 50,000.

Tobacco Corner
669 South Mendenhall Road
Memphis, TN 38117

4. Inz and Outz

Inz and Outz is a one of a kind shop in midtown Memphis, offering the area's largest collection of gay and lesbian apparel, stationary, posters, and pride items. If you want to show your pride or are looking for a special GLBT gift, Inz and Outz is the place to go.

Inz and Outz
553 South Cooper
Memphis, TN 38104

5. Maggie's Pharm

Maggie's Pharm is a funky little store in midtown Memphis, offering essential oils, medicinal herbs, candles, incense, teas, coffees, and more. It is a fun store in which to browse and the clerks are both friendly and helpful.

Maggie's Pharm
13 Florence Street
Memphis, TN 38104

6. Burke's Book Store

Burke's Book Store is more than just another book seller. This Memphis institution offers a nice selection of both new and used books, as well as many by local authors. What makes Burke's really unique, however, is that they will help you search for a first edition or out of print title for your collection or for a gift.

Burke's Book Store
1719 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38104

7. The Peanut Shoppe

The Peanut Shoppe is a fun little store located in downtown Memphis. They offer a huge selection of nuts, seeds, candies, and dried fruits. If you are looking for a gift for the "nuts" in your life, check out The Peanut Shoppe's mixes packaged in attractive tins.

The Peanut Shoppe
24 South Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103

8. The Tinder Box

Located in the Wolfchase Galleria, The Tinder Box is a nice shop with a variety of gifts for any occasion. They carry collectibles, Zippo lighters, Lamp Berger, and hard to find figurines. In addition, they offer a nice selection of fine cigars.

The Tinder Box
Wolfchase Galleria Mall
2760 North Germantown Parkway, Suite 296
Memphis, TN 38133

9. Cosmic Closet

Cosmic Closet is a one of a kind home furnishings and accessories store in midtown Memphis. They offer colorful, intriguing, and hip furniture, lamps, artwork, and other accessories for the home. When you want something funky, fun, and stylish for your home, the Cosmic Closet is the perfect place to find it.

Cosmic Closet
48 South McLean Boulevard
Memphis, TN 38104

10. Memphis Music Records Tapes and Souvenirs

Though located on Beale Street, Memphis Music Records Tapes and Souvenirs is more than just another souvenir shop. Their collection of vintage recordings of Memphis music sets them apart from other stores. In addition, they also carry a nice selection of books, T-shirts, and other music related merchandise.

Memphis Music Records Tapes and Souvenirs
149 Beale Street
Memphis, TN 38103

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