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Top 10 Unique Gifts for the Elvis Fan


We’ve all been there: An out-of-town friend or relative asks you to send them a piece of Elvis memorabilia because, after all, you live in Memphis. So instead of running down to the drugstore and picking up an Elvis shotglass, here is a list of some rather unique gifts for the Elvis fans in your life. Just be sure that you have the gifts delivered to you first and then ship the gift yourself – so it will arrive complete with a Memphis postmark!

1. Blue Suede Chardonnay

A bottle of wine is a pretty standard gift but it has a little more oomph when it has a sassy name like Blue Suede Chardonnay. This white wine from Elvis Presley Cellars is budget friendly but still sure to impress an Elvis fan.
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2. Elvis Onesie

Even the littlest people on your list can be decked out in Elvis style with these adorable onesies. My favorite is the one that has the iconic TCB logo with the caption, "Takin' Care of Baby."
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3. Ultimate Elvis Charm Bracelet

For the ultimate Elvis fan is the Ultimate Elvis Charm Bracelet. It features 22 little Elvises dangling from the gold plated chain. It also has 15 other charms including the letters to spell out E-L-V-I-S and other symbols.
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4. Memphis Sessions CD

In 1969, Elvis recorded some of his best work ever at American Sound Studio in Memphis. 75 minutes of these recordings are included on the Memphis Sessions CD. What makes this CD stand out among so many others is that the songs aren't cluttered with background singers or orchestral tracks. Instead, it's just Elvis and his studio musicians.
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5. Elvis Mr. Potato Head

This would make an adorable gift for a child or a hilarious gift for "Dirty Santa." You can choose from three designs: Blue Hawaii, Comeback Special, or Spud King (pictured).
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6. Graceland Pop-Up Book

Elvis fans who can't make it to Memphis will love this Graceland-tour-in-a-book. It features pop-up depictions of the various rooms at Graceland in life-like detail. It is so life-like, in fact, that you can browse the pages of a photo album in one of the "rooms," take a peek inside the refrigerator, and even change the channel on the t.v.
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7. Elvis Hot Sauce

For the Elvis fan who likes things spicy, why not send some "Burnin' Love," "Don't Be Cruel," or "All Shook Up" hot sauces? Sure, it may be a little corny but come on, who wouldn't love to get some burnin' love for a special occasion?
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8. Elvis Clutch

This bright bag would be a fun gift for the ladies on your gift list. It features a photo of Elvis in the center and just enough bling to make it interesting. It includes a detachable wrist cuff for added security or as an accessory in its own right.
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9. Elvis Christmas Ornaments

How about a pair of blue suede shoes to hang from the tree? Or maybe you'd prefer a glass jukebox or Elvis figurine instead? With so many Elvis-themed ornaments to choose from, you'll have trouble picking just one.
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10. Elvis Jukebox Cookie Jar

This brightly colored cookie jar would undoubtedly be a great addition to an Elvis collector or a cookie jar collector. Want to make it extra special? Fill it up with some homemade cookies before sending it on its way.
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