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Memphis Halloween Guide


Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday for many kids (and adults, too). This guide will show you all the best places to get spooked, get lost, and get candy in the Memphis area. You'll also find tips on costumes, trick-or-treating safety, and more. Scroll down the page so you don't miss out on any spooktacular happenings and info.

Haunted Houses

Photo by Frédéric Dupont

Every October, haunted houses, haunted corn mazes, and other scary attractions spring up all over Memphis and the Mid-South. Check out this listing of Halloween attractions and prepare to get spooked!

Halloween Events

If you're looking for a spooky good time but aren't interested in the theatrics of a haunted house, one of these other Halloween events might be just the thing.

Corn Mazes

Photo by Eric Bartholomew, Creative Commons License

These mazes are literally grown in corn fields and are amazing in their complexity. They are a great family activity as they are fun for kids and adults, alike. There are several corn mazes in the Memphis area to choose from and they are listed below.

Memphis Area Pumpkin Patches

Photo by Teresa R. Simpson, licensed to About.com
What could be a better autumn activity than picking your own pumpkin? Whether you are picking pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns, pies, or decoration, you are sure to find the perfect pumpkin at one of these patches.

Fall Festivals

Photo by Teresa R. Simpson, licensed to About.com

These fall and Halloween festivals are great family activities that are a nice alternative to trick-or-treating. Many of the festivals are not even Halloween related, making them ideal for families that do not observe the holiday.

Ghosts of Memphis

Copyright 2006 Memphis - Mid South Ghost Hunters

Memphis and the Mid-South are home to an abundance of ghost stories. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, such stories can be entertaining reading. These stories are not presented as fact, but rather as the legends that they are. Enjoy these tales of Memphis hauntings.

Costume Shops

© shannonpatrick17, Creative Commons License
Whether you are looking for the silliest, scariest, or most unique costume for Halloween, these Memphis-area costume shops are sure to have what you need. Most are open year round to accommodate costume and dress-up needs during other times of the year.

Trick-or-Treating Safety

Photo by Theresa Thompson, Creative Commons License

Though there are Halloween events planned all over the city, many children will still trick-or-treat this October 31st. If your child is going to engage in this traditional Halloween activity, here are some safety tips they should keep in mind.

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