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Things To Do on Thanksgiving Day in Memphis


After the turkey has been put away, the pie has been eaten, and you've had your fill of football, you may be looking for other things to do--at least until the Black Friday sales start. Check out this list of things that are open on Thanksgiving in Memphis. And if you know of something I've missed, be sure to send me an email.


Bowling is a fun activity for the entire family and a terrific way to work off that big meal. Several bowling alleys in the Memphis area are open on Thanksgiving Day (typically during limited hours) and some even offer holiday bowling specials to sweeten the deal. Be aware that bowling alleys can get pretty busy on holidays so if you have a large group, consider calling ahead to check on lane availability.


Sure, you may be full of turkey now, but what happens later tonight when you find yourself hungry again but can't bear the thought of more turkey? Head down to one of three Huey's locations for a late night hamburger, drink, or pub grub. This would be a great place to pass the time before the midnight Black Friday sales kick off.


For some families, going to the movies on Thanksgiving Day is an annual tradition. You may find that you aren't hungry for any popcorn, but this is a great way to relax after a long day. You might even want to see a holiday film to help get you into the Christmas spirit. Be sure to check theater hours before heading out as most theaters in the Memphis area are open during limited hours on Thanksgiving Day.

Zoo Lights

Whether you go ice skating or not, you can also stroll through a brilliant winter wonderland of lights at the annual Zoo Lights. Zoo Lights features more than a million bulbs and will also be open from 5:30 until 10:00 p.m. Keep in mind that you won't be able to see many animals on display during your visit but the lights provide plenty of entertainment for the entire family.

Zoo on Ice

On Thanksgiving evening from 5:30 until 10:00, you can head down to the Memphis Zoo for ice skating on the zoo's covered rink. This is a seasonal attraction and a great way to burn off those Thanksgiving dinner calories. Those of you who haven't donned a pair of ice skates since the Mall of Memphis rink closed won't be alone. The rink is generally full of folks at every level of ability (or lack thereof).

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