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Stumbling Santa

Memphis Santas Imbibe for a Good Cause


Stumbling Santa

Crowd of Santas offer a photo op in front of the FedEx Forum.

Harmony Stewart

Give Memphians an opportunity to imbibe in costume and help children in need, and they will not disappoint. An annual Memphis event that has grown almost out of control (but serves a purpose) is Stumbling Santa, and it takes place every December.

The purpose is to acquire toys to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House, but a spectacle of a Santa mob ensues in the process, offering fun (and chilly) bar hopping, or stumbling, for the participants and humorous entertainment for onlookers.

The starting point is usually the world-famous South Main juke joint Earnestine & Hazel's, and the Santas then stumble to other Downtown bars like The Flying Saucer and some on Beale Street such as B.B. King's, Alfred's, and 152.

Downtown Memphians and others gather in full Santa, Mrs. Claus, or elf ensembles and imbibe at designated spots. Each participant is required to dress in costume and bring a toy. The toys go to children who are away from home and being treated in Memphis for cancer or other catastrophic illnesses.

This huge annual event is great for those who enjoy charitable eccentricity, and it's proof that not only can Santa fly all over the world bringing happiness to every girl and boy, he can also hit several bars in the process.

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