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Memphis Area Newspapers and Magazines


If you are looking for news in its printed form, the Memphis area has several outlets to choose from.

The Commercial Appeal

The Commercial Appeal is Memphis' only daily newspaper. It is circulated in more than 60 area counties and has a readership of approximately 419,000 during the week and 598,000 on Sunday. Monday through Saturday editions of the newspaper can be purchased at newsstands for $0.50 while the Sunday edition is available for $2.00. Subscriptions to the newspaper are also available with discounts off the newsstand price.

The Memphis Flyer

The Memphis Flyer bills itself as Memphis' "alternative newsweekly." This popular publication features local stories, entertainment news, and hard-hitting editorials. The Flyer is free and is available in stores and newspaper dispensers across the city.

Memphis Magazine

Memphis Magazine is a magazine published monthly by Contemporary Media, Incorporated and has a monthly readership of more than 55,000. The magazine features local current events, entertainment, and other information of interest to residents of the Memphis area.

Suburban Community Newspapers

Suburban Community Newspapers is a publishing company that puts out thirteen suburban papers with a combined circulation of 166,819. The Suburban Community Newspapers are: The Bartlett Express, The Collierville Independent, DeSoto County Press, The East Shelby Review, The Fayette County Review, The Fayette County Extra, The Millington Star, The Navy Bluejacket, The Shelby Sun Times Cordova, The Shelby Sun Times Germantown, Southern Advocate, Southern Sentinel Midweek & Weekend, and Suburban Advantage.

Germantown News

The Germantown News is a weekly paper servicing Germantown, Cordova, Southwind, and the surrounding areas. It is published each Thursday.

The Daily Helmsman

The Daiy Helmsman is the the University of Memphis' daily newspaper. It is free and available across the campus.
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