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Weather Forecasts for Memphis


In Memphis, the weather can change suddenly and drastically. In fact, there are occasions when it is necessary to run the air conditioner and the heat -- all in the same day. And then there is the oh-so unpredictable precipitation. It can go from rain to sleet to snow and back to rain again, all in a matter of hours. Needless to say, around here, you've got to stay up-to-date on the weather forecasts or you may literally find yourself out in the cold. Below are some links to the latest weather information for Memphis--while there are other resources for weather information out there, these links provide a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. I deliberately omitted sites that are hard to navigate or bombard you with pop-up ads.


Weather.com is The Weather Channel online. It provides forecasts, maps, radars, as well as tons of other weather related information and resources.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a one-stop destination for everything you need to know about weather. In addition to forecasts and satellites, this site provides weather records, local news, astronomy info and more.

The Commercial Appeal

The Commercial Appeal, Memphis' daily newspaper, offers at-a-glance forecasts, neighborhood radars, and airport delays.


The WMC (also known as Channel 5) website offers an in depth look at weather in the Memphis area. It also provides up-to-the-minute information on local weather events (storms, snow, etc.).


Channel 3's website provides at-a-glance forecasts and up-to-the-minute information on urgent weather events.


ABC 24's website also offers at-a-glance forecasts, a weather day planner, and overviews of the weather in cities across the nation.

Time and Temperature Line

Even without Internet access you can access the weather forecast right from your phone by dialing (901) 526-5261.

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