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Memphis Area Neighborhoods


In every part of the Mid-South, there are communities with fascinating histories, traditions, and architecture. From the magnificent homes in Central Gardens to the annual mega-sale at Countrywood, explore the wonderful things to see and do in these Mid-South neighborhoods.
  1. Central Downtown
  2. South Main Historic Arts District
  3. Cooper-Young
  4. Other Midtown Neighborhoods
  5. University District
  6. High Point Terrace and Berclair
  7. Raleigh
  8. Wolfchase
  9. Cordova
  1. Lakeland and Arlington
  2. Bartlett, Tennessee
  3. Collierville, Tennessee
  4. Germantown, Tennessee
  5. Millington, Tennessee
  6. DeSoto County
  7. Crittenden County
  8. East Memphis
  9. Tunica County

Central Downtown

Central Downtown (a.k.a. the Downtown Core) is where it happens. From big business to hopping nightlife, downtown offers it all. With the revitalization that the area has seen in the last three decades, more and more people are flocking to downtown to live, work, and play.

South Main Historic Arts District

Tucked away on the southern end of downtown Memphis is a quiet yet colorful community with a flavor all its own. The South Main Historic Arts District, revitalized in the 1980's, is rich with art, music, food, and people who are passionate about the area.


The Cooper-Young District is a thriving community in Midtown Memphis, known for its historical significance and diverse culture. As a general rule, Cooper-Young residents are gay friendly, artist friendly, and environmentally friendly, embracing a rich variety of lifestyles.

Other Midtown Neighborhoods

There is a bumper sticker that was making the rounds for a while (and can still be seen frequently) that read, "Midtown is Memphis." Whether you agree with that sentiment or not, it is undeniable that Midtown offers an eclectic mix of art, music, and culture that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the city.

University District

The University District lies just east of Midtown and encompasses -- you guessed it -- The University of Memphis. While many of the district's residents are professors or students, it is also a great area for golfers -- there are three different golf courses along the district's borders.

High Point Terrace and Berclair

Northeast of the University District are High Point Terrace and Berclair. These adjacent neighborhoods are comprised mostly of homes built in the 1940's and 1950's -- many of which were intended for young soldiers who were returning from World War II and their families.


Raleigh is a troubled community with a rich history and a hopeful future. Though many businesses have left the area and the community struggles with crime, Raleigh is still beloved by many. Currently, a movement is underway to attempt the revitalization of Raleigh.


The Wolfchase area has been booming since the late 1990's when Wolfchase Galleria opened. In addition to the mall, the area is full of other shops, restaurants, and businesses that keep it hopping.


Cordova is a community in eastern Shelby County. Once an unincorporated town, much of Cordova has been annexed by Memphis and the rest of it remains in Memphis' annexation reserve. Cordova is the fastest growing community in the Memphis area and has enjoyed tremendous growth in recent years.

Lakeland and Arlington

Lakeland and Arlington are growing towns in eastern Shelby County. Both communities offer small town living for those who want to escape the city but still want to stay within the boundaries of Shelby County.

Bartlett, Tennessee

Bartlett is a suburb of Memphis located in Shelby County. It is a well-kept, family-friendly town that boasts good schools and low crime rates (just be sure not to speed when travelling through). Below are some resources to help you get to know the town of Bartlett, Tennessee.

Collierville, Tennessee

Collierville is an affluent suburb east of Memphis. It is well-kept with a rich history and plenty of small town charm. Below are some resources to help you get to know the town of Collierville, Tennessee.

Germantown, Tennessee

Germantown is an upscale suburb of Memphis. It is a tightly-knit community and is ranked the safest city of its size in the Southeast. Below are some resources to help you get to know the town of Germantown, Tennessee.

Millington, Tennessee

Millington is a military town just north of Memphis. It is growing in size and offers an ever-increasing number of ammenities for its residents. Below are some resources to help you get to know the town of Millington, Tennessee.

DeSoto County

DeSoto County lies directly south of Memphis in Mississippi. It has become a popular destination for Memphians who want to escape city life and relocate to the suburbs to raise their families.

Crittenden County

Crittenden County is just west of the Mississippi River in eastern Arkansas. The county's largest town is West Memphis, though there are many other towns throughout the county.

East Memphis

 East of Highland Street and the University of Memphis and stretching to Germantown, the East Memphis neighborhood is the center of the city's office real estate. There are many nice residential neighborhoods and great restaurants in the area.

Tunica County

Tunica County sits just south of Downtown Memphis. With a number of casinos, golf courses, access to the Mississippi River and old Tunica, there is plenty to do.

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