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Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For

Memphis Area Companies


Each year, Fortune Magazine ranks the best 100 companies to work for in the United States. Each year, some Memphis businesses make the list. Below are the local companies that have appeared on the list since 2006, along with the year they appeared and their rank.

Baker Donelson

Rank 77, 2010

Fortune Magazine rates this law firm high because of its high level of diversity. One hundred and eighty of the firm's lawyers are women and 40 are minorities--a significant increase in diversity from previous years. This is the firm's first year to make the list.

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Rank 91, 2010
Rank 90, 2009
Rank 97, 2008
Rank 64, 2006

Memphis' largest employer, FedEx is recognized by Fortune for few layoffs during the recession and quickly reinstating raises and 401K matching after a temporary hold during the recession/ FedEx also offers benefits to part-time employees and the vast majority of the time, the company promotes from within.

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First Horizon

Rank 46, 2007
Rank 85, 2006

First Horizon has an "employees first" policy and their average pay for hourly employees is $45,000 and the average pay for salaried employees is almost $69,000. In addition, Fortune liked the fact that First Horizon offers generous health, vision, and dental benefits.

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St. Jude

Rank 80, 2010

Fortune recognized St. Jude for employee benefits such as  an on-site organic garden, tuition reimbursement, paid sabbaticals, compressed workweek options, and telecommuting options for some employees.

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Rank 72, 2007

A quickly growing company, Medtronic has frequent job openings but low turnover. They also offer generous salaries with the average hourly worker earning $45,000 per year. Fortune also notes that Medtronic shares with their employees inspirational stories from the patients who have benefited from Medtronic devices.

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Rank 82, 2008
Rank 69, 2007

Nike offers paid sabbaticals and a job sharing program. They employ a large percentage of minorities and women, making it a diverse place to work. The company also offers an in-house fitness center and child care. In addition, some employees can take advantage of a compressed workweek or telecommuting options.

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