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City Services and Government in Berclair

Fire Station No. 24 at the corner of Powell and Berclair.

Photo by Teresa R. Simpson, licensed to About.com
Berclair is located within the Memphis city limits. It is, therefore, protected by the city's emergency services and governed by the mayor and city council of Memphis. Here are some quick government and city services facts, as they pertain to Berclair.
  • Emergency Services -- Dial 911
  • Fire Station -- Berclair's neighborhood fire station is number 24, located at 4472 Powell.
  • Police Precinct -- Berclair is in the Memphis Police Department's Central Precinct, located at 426 Tillman.
  • City Council District -- Most of Berclair is in Memphis City Council's District 5 and in Super District 9.
  • Tennessee Congressional District -- Berclair residents live in the state's 9th Congressional district.
  • Garbage Collection -- Garbage in Berclair is collected by Memphis' Solid Waste Management Department. Click here to find out your collection day.
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