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The Insider's Guide to Saving Money in Memphis


No matter what state the economy is in, almost everybody can appreciate saving money. If you live in or are visiting Memphis, the following resources will help you to save money on everything from entertainment to transportation.

Dining Out:

    The following strategies will make dining out a lot easier on your budget.
  • Kids Eat Free -- A number of local restaurants offer free kids meals on certain nights. This amounts to huge savings for those with kids.
  • Restaurant.com Gift Cards -- A great deal, this website sells $25 gift certificates to select restaurants for only $10.
  • Memphis Entertainment Book -- These handy books are full of coupons that are good for restaurants, stores, and services all over the Memphis area. These aren't cents-off coupons, either. These coupons offer substantial savings such as buy-one-get-one-free.

Shopping -- Groceries:

    Groceries take a big bite out of the monthly budget, particularly for large families. Here are a few ways to save money while feeding your family.
  • Shop at Aldi's or Save-a-Lot -- These stores can significantly reduce your grocery bill without compromising the amount and quality of food you purchase. Most of the products are the store's own brand, they are often as good or better than the name brand.
  • Use Angelfood Ministries -- Angelfood Ministries is a program that allows you to purchase boxes of food for less than half of their value. It is not a charity and it is open to people in all income brackets.

Shopping -- Other:

    If you plan it right, you can save money when doing all of your shopping.
  • Shop Tax Free -- At least once a year, the State of Tennessee holds a tax-free weekend for items like clothing and school supplies. At 9.25%, the sales tax savings can be enormous.
  • Consignment Sales -- Usually held twice a year, these consignment sales offer deep discounts on gently used children's clothing and gear.
  • Discount Stores -- Looking for a cheap place to shop? Here are the most popular discount stores in town.
  • Memphis Entertainment Book -- Not just for restaurants, these books also offer savings at a number of shops around town.


    Having fun doesn't have to be expensive. There are a number of free and cheap things to do all over Memphis.
  • Free Memphis Attractions -- These attractions are always free and are great ways to spend an afternoon.
  • Reduced Admission Days -- A number of area attractions offer specific days and times during which admission is free or greatly reduced.


    Everyone is feeling the pain at the pump these days but the following resources may help.
  • Find the Cheapest Gas -- Gas is high but here is how to track down the cheapest gas in Memphis.
  • Take the Bus -- Although we do not have the most comprehensive bus system, MATA does travel along all of the major thoroughfares in the area. You may find that bus-riding is a cheaper alternative to driving.

Miscellaneous Savings:

Want more? Check out these additional coupons and discounts for things all over Memphis.
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