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From community profiles to establishing residency, find all you need to know about living in Memphis and the Mid-South here.
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Registering Your Car in Shelby County
If you need to register your car or renew your license plate in Shelby County, Tennessee, here is what you need to know.

Pollen in Memphis
Pollen allergies are extremely common in Memphis. Find out why and what to do about them.

How Much is Minimum Wage in Tennessee?
Find out what minimum wage is in Tennessee

How to Apply for Food Stamps in Memphis, Tennessee
How and where to apply for food stamps in Memphis

Where To Adopt a Pet in Memphis
Everyday, cats and dogs all over the Mid-South are abandoned, neglected, lost, or born to strays. Some of these animals are fortunate enough to secure a place in a local shelter but there is simply not enough room in these shelters for all of the homeless animals that are out there. If you are considering adding a pet to your family, adopting from a shelter is a loving and compassionate choice be…

Memphis Dog Parks - Dog Parks in the Memphis Area
Dog parks in the Memphis area

Memphis Area Dog Parks
For a city the size of Memphis, we have an under abundance of dog parks. In fact, if you want to take your pup out for some leash free exercise and socialization, there are only two options in the Memphis area. Below you will find information on those two dog parks.

How To Find an Apartment in Memphis
Tips and resources for finding an apartment in the Memphis area.

Property Taxes in Memphis and Shelby County
Memphis and Shelby County property tax rates and how to calculate your property tax.

Memphis' Time Zone
Find out in which time zone Memphis is located.

How to Get a Library Card
How to get a library card from the Memphis Public Library

Tennessee Alcohol Laws
Tennessee laws on alcohol and drinking

The Insider's Guide to Saving Money in Memphis
Find ways to save money while living in or visiting Memphis.

Memphis Snow -- March 7, 2008
Photos from the March 7, 2008 snowfall in Memphis, Tennessee

How To Vote in Tennessee
How to vote in Tennessee with specific resources for Shelby County

Coupons and Discounts
Where to find coupons and discounts for Memphis attractions, restaurants, and services.

Obtain a Marriage License in Memphis
How to get a marriage license in the Memphis and Shelby County.

Establishing Residency in Memphis
Moving to Memphis? Here you will find how to establish residency and where to go about doing it.

Cost of Living in Memphis
A look at how the cost of living in Memphis compares with the rest of the country, plus a calculator for city to city comparisons.

Recycling in Memphis
An overview of the recycling service provided by the City of Memphis Solid Waste Management.

Start a Neighborhood Watch
If your community is lacking a Neighborhood Watch program, here is what it takes to organize one.

Ways to Make a Difference in Memphis
Learn how easy it is to make a positive difference in Memphis.

Places to Propose Marriage
A few of the most romantic spots in the Memphis area, perfect for proposing marriage!

Where to Find a Date in Memphis
Some creative places to find your next date.

Losing Weight in Memphis
Weight loss clinics and programs in the Memphis area.

Smoking Cessation Help in the Memphis Area
Memphis area businesses to help smokers quit.

New Madrid Fault Zone
Information on the New Madrid Fault Zone, its earthquakes, and their effects on Memphis, TN.

Earthquake Survival Kit
In the event of an earthquake, these items will help keep you safe, healthy, and comfortable.

How to Use "Y'all" Correctly
How to use the word "y'all" and all of its variants correctly.

Memphis Deaf Community
This website provides resources and information for the local Deaf community.

How to Reduce Your Summer Energy Costs in Memphis
Learn how to save money on your utility bill during the hot summer months in Memphis.

Saving Money on Summer Energy Costs - Share Your Ideas
Readers share their best tips for saving money on summer utility bills

Does Memphis Have HOV Lanes?
Find out where HOV lanes are located in Memphis, Tennessee

Average Temperatures in Memphis
Get the average temperatures for every month of the year in Memphis.

Memphis in Autumn
What makes autumn such a special time in MemphisSee submissions

What I Love About Memphis
What makes Memphis so great? Readers weigh-in.See submissions

Memphis Time and Temperature
Where to call for correct time, temperature, and weather forecasts for Memphis, TN

Tornado Sirens in the Memphis Area
Information on tornado sirens in the Memphis area.

Memphis Area Post Offices - Shelby County Post Offices - Memphis Post Office...
Memphis Area Post Offices - Shelby County Post Offices - Memphis Post Office Locator

Shelby County Zip Codes

Memphis' Most Dangerous Intersections - Dangerous Intersections in Memphis...
Memphis' Most Dangerous Intersections - Dangerous Intersections in Memphis and Shelby County

How much does it rain in Memphis?
Annual rainfall statistics for Memphis, TN

Memphis Area Sex Offenders Registry
Information on sex offeder registries for the greater Memphis area.

Sales Tax in Memphis
Information on sales tax in Memphis, TN

Memphis Area Baby Resources
Resources for parents and parents-to-be in the Memphis area.

Power Outages in Memphis
What to do during a power outage in the Memphis area.

West Nile Virus in Memphis
Information on West Nile in the Memphis area and tips to avoid it

All About Taxes
Everything you need to know about taxes in Memphis

Who are the utility providers in Memphis?
Information on utilities in Memphis including electricity, natural gas, and water.

All About Utilities in Memphis
Information on utilities in Memphis including service providers and tips for saving money.

Utility Rates in Memphis
Information on utility rates from Memphis Light Gas and Water

How To Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate or Death Certificate in Memphis
Information on how to obtain a copy of a birth certificate or death certificate in Memphis and Shelby County.

Plant Hardiness Zone in Memphis, Tennessee
Plant hardiness zone information for Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Opinions and Insights
Share your opinions and insights on the city of Memphis by responding to these polls and questions.

Foster Parenting in Tennessee - Share Your Experiences
Readers share their experiences with foster parenting in Tennessee.

Why do Memphians rush to the grocery store when snow is in the forecast?
Find out why Memphians make grocery store runs before impending snowfalls.

Memphis Area Toastmasters Clubs
Information on Memphis area chapters of Toastmasters International

Readers' Choice Awards
Memphis categories in About.com's annual Readers' Choice Awards.

Memphis Fertility Clinics
Find a fertility specialist in the Memphis, Tennessee area.

How To Donate Blood in Memphis
Learn how and where to donate the life-saving gift of blood in the Memphis area.

How to Become an Organ Donor in Tennessee
Learn how to become an organ donor in the state of Tennessee.

Volunteering in Memphis
Learn about volunteer opportunities in the Memphis area.

How To Report Child Abuse in the Memphis Area
Learn how to report child abuse in the Memphis area.

Memphis Area Bed and Breakfasts
Get details on the bed and breakfasts in the Memphis area.

Does Tennessee Have a State Income Tax
Information on personal income taxes in Tennessee

How To Become a Foster Parent in Memphis
Learn how to become a foster parent in Tennessee

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