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Top 5 Best Sun Sessions Albums


Of the thousands of songs to come out of Sun Studio, here are some of the best albums by some of the best Sun Studio artists.

1. Elvis Presley - The Sun Sessions

This collection of Elvis' Sun Studio recordings includes sixteen master takes, eight out takes, and four alternate takes. Originally recorded between 1954 and 1955, the original 2 LP set contained four songs that are missing from this CD.
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2. Roy Orbison - The Complete Sun Sessions

Roy Orbison's stint at Sun Studio was brief but jump-started his career. This CD, typically classified as "rockabilly," features the twenty-six songs plus five alternate takes that were recorded at Sun.
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3. Memphis Blood: The Sun Sessions

If you are unfamiliar with James "Blood" Ulmer, this is a great album by which to get acquainted with the blues guitarist. This instrumental CD is a fun and funky collection of swinging blues songs.
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4. Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm - The Sun Sessions

Long before he partnered with Tina, Ike Turner was a member of a band called the Kings of Rhythm. In the 1950's, Turner and the rest of the band recorded these 20 R & B songs at Sun Studio.
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5. Charlie Rich - The Sun Sessions

Described as a hybrid of R & B and Country, Charlie Rich's unique sound was a perfect fit for Sun Studio, as these 18 tracks prove.

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