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Did Elvis Have Illegitimate Children?

People Claiming To Be Elvis Presley's Son or Daughter


It certainly isn't uncommon for people to claim to be the love-child or to have had the love-child of a celebrity. Elvis Presley is no exception as there have been a number of individuals who, over the years, have claimed to be the King's son or daughter as the result of a clandestine affair. Some of these individuals seem sincere in their beliefs while others appear to simply be seeking fortune and fame. Below is a list of people who have asserted that they are Presleys by blood, if not by name.

1. Tim Farrell

Tim Farrell is just an average Joe. He is a middle-aged mechanic who grew up in a blended family unaware that there was any possibility that he might have a famous father. After Elvis' death, however, Tim's mother came forward and claimed that Tim was conceived during a one-night stand she had with Elvis in 1954. This claim brought unwanted attention to Tim and it would be more than twenty years before he even entertained the possibility that he was a Presley by blood.

His mother, on her deathbed in 2002, told Tim again that Elvis was his father. From that point on, Tim began seeking DNA evidence to determine his parentage. At the time of this writing, he has been unable to obtain usable DNA to prove or disprove his mother's claims. In any case, Tim does bear some resemblance to Vernon Presley, Elvis' father, and some say Tim's singing voice is reminiscent of Elvis'.

2. Deborah Presley

Deborah Presley was born in 1956 to teen-aged parents who were high school sweethearts. As far as she knew, both her mother and father were her biological parents but in one interview, she says that she always felt like her biological father might be someone else.

She grew up hearing stories of how her mother had met Elvis in North Carolina during the 1950's but she never considered that the famous singer might actually be her father until someone mentioned that she greatly resembled him. She soon began to wonder and eventually asked her mother if Elvis Presley was her father. Deborah's mother said that he was.

In the 1980's Deborah went to court to have herself named a legal heir of Elvis Presley. The court found that she was not Elvis' daughter and could not, therefore, claim any part of his estate. An appeals court, however, ruled that the prior ruling regarding paternity was invalid. The appeals court did not say that Deborah was definitively Elvis' daughter--only that there had not been enough evidence to rule that she couldn't be. The appeals court did agree that in either case, Deborah had no right to any part of Elvis' estate.

3. Desiree Presley

Desiree Presley is one of the more well-known names in the ever continuing saga of Elvis and his possible love-children. She came into the limelight after her mother, Lucy de Barbin, wrote a book about her 24 year affair with the King of Rock and Roll--an affair that allegedly resulted in the birth of Desiree.

The factual veracity of the book (aptly named, Are You Lonesome Tonight?), has been called into question by both friends and fans of Elvis.

It is interesting to note that Desiree does resemble Elvis quite a bit. While that is certainly not proof of kinship, it is another factor to consider.

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