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Information and Facts About Memphis


Do you know what year Memphis was founded? What about the location of the nearest DMV? Can you guess the population of the metropolitan area? Find all of that information and much more right here.
  1. Statistics and Demographics
  2. Resources for Residents
  3. Transportation
  4. Moving to Memphis
  5. Weather, Land, and Environment
  6. Trivia and Other Fun Facts
  1. News and Radio
  2. Schools and Education
  3. Jobs and Careers
  4. Memphis History
  5. Crime and Punishment

Statistics and Demographics

If you are looking for demographic or statistical information on Memphis, this is the place to find it.

Resources for Residents

Whether you are a native or a newcomer to the city of Memphis, there are some basic things you will need to know like how to register to vote or where to renew your drivers license.


From plains and trains to automobiles, here are the resources you need to help you travel in the city, around the city, or even to and from the city.

Moving to Memphis

If you are moving to Memphis, you may be wondering about establishing residency, getting a driver's license, or finding an apartment. The resources below will get you started. Once you've gotten settled in, check out the Resources for Residents above for more insight on Memphis living.

Weather, Land, and Environment

From the scorching sun to smatterings of snow, earthquakes to tornadoes, and rivers to plains, it is clear that Mother Nature is keeping busy in the Memphis area. The resources below will help you to navigate the weather, land, and environment in Memphis and the Mid-South.

Trivia and Other Fun Facts

Do you know which Memphis attraction is the second most visited home in the United States? Or do you know on what macabre site the National Ornamental Metal Museum now sits? Can you name the local elementary school that Justin Timberlake attended? Find out the answers to these questions and other bits of Memphis trivia here.

News and Radio

If you are looking for information or entertainment, there is no shortage of media outlets in Memphis.

Schools and Education

With several school districts, numerous private schools, and renowned institutions of higher learning, there are plenty of opportunities for education in Memphis and the Mid-South.

Jobs and Careers

Memphis is abundant with job opportunities. Whether you are an employer or a potential employee, these resources will help you find what you're looking for.

Memphis History

Memphis has a rich and colorful history chock full of fascinating characters, heart-wrenching struggles, and uplifting triumphs. Learn all about it right here.

Crime and Punishment

Memphis is no stranger to crime and punishment. Here you will find information on the area's laws, law enforcement, and most infamous crimes.

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