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Best Books on Memphis History


Memphis has a rich history full of colorful events and characters. If you are a Memphis history buff or just interested in the city's past, these books belong on your shelf.

Memphis Then & Now

If you can only have one book on the history of Memphis, this is the one to get. Memphis Then & Now presents high quality photos from Memphis' past, accompanied by present day photos of the same location. It is a great book for any Memphis resident, past or present.
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Ask Vance

And if you can have two books, get this one, too. Ask Vance is a collection of question and answer columns by Memphis Magazine's Vance Lauderdale. Don't expect a broad overview of local history with this one; Lauderdale probes deep and gets the inside scoop on some of the city's most obscure secrets.
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Historic Photos of Memphis

Historic Photos of Memphis is a high quality photo book that takes readers on a journey through Memphis' history. Each chapter highlights an era of days gone by with an informative introduction followed by a collection of photographs depicting life in those times.
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Memories of Memphis

This unique book takes readers on a trip through Memphis' history via a series of more than 250 vintage postcards. As an added bonus, the book includes a price guide to let you know how much your old Memphis postcards may be worth.
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Memphis Elvis-Style

Memphis history buffs and Elvis fans alike will appreciate Memphis Elvis-Style. The authors take readers on a journey through Memphis, stopping in at all the places where Elvis once trod including his former homes, hang-outs, and more.
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Memphis Murder and Mayhem

Written by the About.com Guide to Memphis, Memphis Murder and Mayhem takes a look at the most notorious crimes in the city's history. From a race riot in 1866 that left dozens dead, to the controversial case of the West Memphis Three, these stories highlight the dark side of Memphis' past.
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Haunted Memphis

Most Memphians are familiar with the ghost of the Orpheum Theatre and a handful of other supposedly true tales. If you want a truly in depth look at the ghosts of Memphis, though, Haunted Memphis tells the stories behind the tales for a historical look at some local haunts.
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