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Memphis Area Missing Persons


Everyday, an average of 2,300 Americans are reported missing. In the city of Memphis alone, more than 4,200 people were reported missing in 2007. Fortunately, a large number of these cases are solved: runaways come home, non-custodial parents surrender, and unfortunately, some are solved when the missing person's remains are found. Nevertheless, there are still families out there who are waiting for answers.

The following gallery contains images and information on people who have gone missing from Memphis or the Mid-South area. If you have any information regarding their whereabouts, please contact the law enforcement agency listed with each case. If you know of a missing person case that should be included here, please send me an email with the information.

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Holly BoboTed Aya-ayJasmine Nicole CatheyKirsten Kryszak
Serena LewisBethany Leanne MarkowskiDr. Cherryl Lamont PearsonMatthew Pendergrast
Lauryn Dickens -- DECEASEDJeremiah Thomas Dyman -- FOUND SAFEBrittany Lynn Dyman -- FOUND SAFEElizabeth Ferguson -- FOUND DECEASED
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