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Historic Photos of Memphis

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Historic Photos of Memphis
Photo Courtesy of Turner Publishing
Historic Photos of Memphis
Text and Captions by Gina Cordell and Patrick O'Daniel
Published by Turner Publishing, Copyright 2006
ISBN: 1-59652-261-5

Historic Photos of Memphis is a well thought out and beautifully illustrated journey through Memphis history. Each chapter takes readers through an era of days gone by with an informative introduction followed by a collection of photographs depicting life in those times.

The photographs begin with a look at the steamboats along the Mississippi River in the year 1860. They end with a snapshot of the 1980 Memphis in May International Festival. These carefully chosen photos give readers a sense of what life was like over the span of those one hundred and twenty years. They show a city in triumph and in tragedy and they show its people at work and at play.

In addition to the superbness of its content, the quality of the book itself is also high. Its pages are printed on heavy art paper and its large size and bold cover photo make it an ideal coffee-table book.

Anyone with a penchant for history or with ties to Memphis, is sure to enjoy this beautiful book.

Click here to see photos excerpted from Historic Photos of Memphis.

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