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Government, Politics, and City Services

From political campaigns to city and county government, the police department to the mayor's office, you will find everything here you need to know about the inner workings of Memphis.

Registering Your Car in Shelby County
If you need to register your car or renew your license plate in Shelby County, Tennessee, here is what you need to know.

Registering Your Car in Memphis
If you need to register your car or renew your license plate in Memphis, here is what you need to know.

Tennessee Safe Haven Laws and Locations
Information on Tennessee safe haven laws and safe haven locations in the Memphis area.

Special Election for Memphis Mayor
As July 10, 2009 draws near, it seems increasingly likely that Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton will, in fact, resign from office. When he does, City Council Chairman Myron Lowery will serve as interim until a special election is held 90 days later. So who will be the next mayor of Memphis? Below you will find informa

Dr. Willie W. Herenton
Biographical information on mayor of Memphis, Willie Herenton

Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday
Information and tax exempt list for Tennessee's annual sales tax holiday.

Where to Get a Driver's License in the Memphis Area
Where to go in the Memphis area to get or renew your driver's license.

Getting a Social Security Card in Memphis
Where to go in Memphis to get a new or replacement Social Security card or to get help with other Social Security benefits.

How to Obtain a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit
How to obtain a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit in Memphis.

Registering to Vote in Tennessee
What you need to do to register to vote in Tennessee.

Mayor Willie Herenton vs. Joe Frazier
Memphis mayor, Willie Herenton, is scheduled to fight former heavyweight champion, Joe Frazier, in a three round boxing match. Who will win?

Out of the Ring
Mayor Herenton's other fight is not in the boxing ring, but rather with a group of Memphians that would like to see him recalled.

What Will Happen to Libertyland?
The city council and the Mid-South Fair Board are struggling for control of Libertyland. Who will win?

The City of Memphis Website
With information for residents, visitors, and businesses, the city of Memphis' official website is comprehensive and informative.

Shelby County Website
With an emphasis on government, the Shelby County website thoroughly details how the county government operates. It also contains other information on living, working, and visiting in the county.

State of Tennessee Homepage
Information on licenses, state departments, vital statistics, and more.

The First 48 in Memphis - A&E's The First 48
The First 48 in Memphis - A&E's The First 48

Tennessee Sex Offender Registry
Search for convicted sex offenders in the state of Tennessee by name, city, zip code, or county.

Sales Tax in Memphis
Information on sales tax in Memphis, TN

Does Tennessee Have a State Income Tax
Information on personal income taxes in Tennessee

All About Taxes
Everything you need to know about taxes in Memphis

How To Find Unclaimed Property in Tennessee
How to search for unclaimed property in Tennessee

Unclaimed Property
Readers tell about finding their unclaimed property.

Tennessee Good Samaritan Law
Can you be sued for performing first aid in Tennessee? Find out if you are protected under Tennessee's Good Samaritan Law.

How To Write to Tennessee's United States Congressmen
Learn how to write to your Tennessee legislators including contact information and etiquette tips.

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