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Inz & Outz


Inz & Outz is the GLBT novelty and gift shop of Memphis. With its unobtrusive pride rainbow sign, Inz & Outz is coyly located in the heart of the hip Midtown section of Memphis. Though one would never suspect it from the outward appearance, this is a local GLBT hub.

Inz & Outz sells GLBT themed greeting cards for all occasions, T-shirts, jewelry, clothes, party supplies, and adult novelties. These are not merely guilty pleasures. In fact, 10% of sales for selected items go to the Mid-South Pride Committee, which coordinates the Pride Month celebrations in Memphis. The shop also carries a selection of GLBT community publications from Atlanta, Nashville, and Memphis.

Prices vary on items but general price ranges are as follows: greeting cards are $2 - $3, the majority of t-shirts cost $24.95 each, adult movie rentals are $3.50 - $8.50 for 2 to 4 nights. The shop's best sellers are greeting cards and t-shirts.

The crowd that patronizes Inz & Outz is diverse. It draws largely from the gay community, but has significant followings in the lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities, as well. There is even the occasional heterosexual group of women who are getting ready for a bachelorette party.

No critique would be complete without some constructive criticism. First, while Inz & Outz has an extensive collection of adult lesbian and gay films, some patrons might be disappointed to learn that it currently has no transgender adult films in stock. Second, the facilities are slightly crowded. It is worth noting, however, that management has purchased the adjacent building in order to expand the facilities.

Nevertheless, Inz & Outz is still the GLBT gift shop of the Mid-South. Many locals agree that it is the best store of its kind in the area. So whether a local or visitor, an GLBT or an ally, Inz & Outz is the store for all your GLBT themed needs.

Inz & Outz: Card and Gift Shop
553 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38104

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday, 10AM-7PM
Friday-Saturday, 10AM-8PM
Sunday, Noon-5PM

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