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Top Places to Meet GLBT Singles in the Memphis Area


Are you looking for other GLBT singles in the Memphis area? While the bars are an obvious place to look, there are other options. Memphis is home to many diverse GLBT singles that frequent places that you may not have thought of! Consider the following five categories filled with specific examples of great places to seek out singles. Good luck and happy hunting!

Memphis is home to several major annual festivals that cater to or are friendly to the GLBT community.

  • Mid-South Pride -- Held in June, Pride is a celebration of the GLBT community’s historical battle for equality, as well as to recognize how far the community has come. Pride is a great place to meet singles while enjoying parades, music, food, and social events.
  • OutFlix Film Festival -- Outflix is held annually in August in the heart of the Beale Street Entertainment District at Muvico Theater in Peabody Place. This festival recognizes GLBT film makers from across the nation by featuring their short and feature films. This is an excellent opportunity to find other GLBT singles interested in film and film making while also having a great time watching the films.
  • Cooper Young Festival -- Usually held in September, The Cooper-Young Festival is the largest neighborhood festival in the metropolitan area. Although not a GLBT organized event, the festival is a great place to meet GLBT singles due to the gay-friendly nature of the Cooper-Young District.

Churches are an ideal place to meet people and there are several churches in the Memphis are that are GLBT friendly or oriented. Here are a few listed below.

  • First Congressional Church: 1000 South Cooper Street
  • First Baptist Church: 200 East Parkways
  • Holy Trinity: 685 South Highland
  • First Unitarian Church of Memphis: 292 Virginia Avenue West

A great way to connect with other GLBTs is through an organization designed to do just that! Here are a couple in the Memphis area.

  • MAGY -- Coming out is tough! You may not know how or where to break into the GLBT community. If you are a GLBT youth between the ages of 13 and 20, MAGY may be for you. This organization and its mentors have always provided a supportive realm of acceptance for young GLBTs.
  • Stonewall Tigers -- This student group at the University of Memphis provides a place for college members of the GLBT community to get together for parties, forums, protests, film screenings, awareness events, and to just hang out!

Clubs and Bars
An obvious place to meet singles is the vibrant club/bar scene that Memphis has to offer. Here are some of the best GLBT clubs the Memphis area has to offer.

  • Dish -- On a Friday night, this place is a posh hot spot where the metropolitan crème de la crème come to mingle over good food, unique drinks, and an atmosphere conducive to either dancing or chit chatting.
  • One More -- This is a Cooper-Young area LBT hangout with a neighborhood feel.
  • Metro -- Thursday's free Beer Bust until midnight secures this as the club's busiest night of the week. On Saturday nights, this small midtown venue has a DJ and dance club feel.
  • The Madison Flame -- Another cozy midtown LBT hot spot that has drinking dancing and mingling down to an art form!
  • 901 Complex -- Looking for a GLBT club with more of a rap/R&B atmosphere? 901 Complex is your answer!
  • Backstreet Memphis -- At Backstreet Memphis, it seems that anything goes except for trying to skip paying the cover charge! A virtual playground, Backstreet has a drag show done the way drag should be done, a massive dance floor, a store to buy whatever your GLBT heart desires, and many dark nooks and crannies that are very conducive to meeting singles.

Other Events and Oddball Places
Here are a few other miscellaneous places that GLBT singles tend to frequent.

  • Bookstar -- Bookstar is a large book store housed in an old movie theater and is a great place to meet literary types.
  • Wolfchase Galleria -- This mall is one of Memphis' most popular. Particularly on the weekends, you will find people galore here.
  • Overton Park -- This has been a famous cruising locale since at least the 50’s! It is especially busy on warm-weather weekends.
  • Trolley Stop Art Tour -- Held in the South Main Arts District every last Friday of every month, galleries and shops open their doors and their bottles of free wine for the artsy to peruse.
  • Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center -- This is one of the best places to go for GLBT resources, information, classes, and volunteer activities.
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