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Did Elvis Presley Have Brothers or Sisters?


The star of Elvis Presley on the Hollywood Walk of Fame seen on the 24th anniversary of singer''s death August 16, 2001 in Los Angeles, CA.
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Question: Did Elvis Presley Have Brothers or Sisters?
Answer: Elvis had an identical twin, Jesse Garon, that died at birth. Elvis had no other siblings and grew up as an only child.

Not quite a year after Gladys Presley's (Elvis' mother) death, however, Vernon Presley (Elvis' father) was remarried to a woman named Davada "Dee" Stanley. Dee had three sons from her first marriage. Elvis was considerably older than the three Stanley boys and became something of a father-figure to them. In later years, Bill, David, and Rick Stanley became part of the "Memphis Mafia," acting as aides and confidants to Elvis.

It is also worth noting that a woman has come forward claiming to be the illegitimate child of Vernon Presley. This would, of course, make her Elvis' half-sister. While a number of people over the years have claimed to be related to Elvis in some fashion, few have provided as much evidence as Eliza Presley. Eliza had her DNA compared to that of one of Elvis' paternal cousins. and the lab results indicated kinship. She further had her DNA compared to that of a man claiming to be Elvis, himself. Those results showed that she was that man's half-sister. A Cleveland news station did further testing which verified the original results. Although this is not definitive proof, it is compelling enough to warrant further exploration.

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