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Christian Brothers University


Christian Brothers University is a private university that is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, though only 23% of the student body is Catholic. CBU offers bachelor degrees and master degrees. Below you will find additional information about Christian Brothers including tuition fees, recreational opportunities in the area, and enrollment statistics.

Location and Contact Information:

Christian Brothers University is located on East Parkway at Central Avenue.
650 East Parkway South
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 321-3000


Undergraduate tution per semester: $11,040
Part-time undergraduate tuition per credit hour: $690
Graduate tuition per credit hour: $330-$625, depending upon program of study. *Tution fees were current for 2008-2009. There are other fees not included in the cost of regular tuition including activities, technology access, and more.

Enrollment :

Total: 1,800
Men: 44%
Women: 56%
Minority: 43%


Christian Brothers University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools


Baseball (men)
Basketball (men and women)
Cross Country (men and women)
Golf (men and women)
Soccer (men and women)
Softball (women)
Tennis (men and women)
Volleyball (women)


Christian Brothers College was founded in 1871 by the Institute of the Brothers of Christian Schools. Its original location was 612 Adams Street. The college moved to its present location in 1940. In 1915, CBC dropped its college program and operated as a high school until 1942. That year, it reopened as a junior college, awarding only associate degrees. Eleven years later, the institution was expanded once again into a four year college. In 1990, Christian Brothers College became Christian Brothers University.

Area Shopping:

Schnuck's -- Located just over a mile from campus at 1761 Union Avenue, this is the closest grocery store.
Walgreens -- Also about a mile away at 1863 Union Avenue, this is the closest drug store to campus.
Oak Court Mall -- This is the closest shopping mall to Christian Brothers and is located about 4 miles away. Anchored by Dillard's and Macy's, it offers dozens of other clothing and specialty shops.

Area Nightlife:

Overton Square -- Though not the bustling nightlife district it once was, the Square, located less than a mile from campus, still offers a number of bars and restaurants.
Beale Street -- Though about four miles from campus, Beale Street is Memphis' ultimate nightspot destination and features numerous bars and clubs.
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