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Federal Income Taxes - Tax Planning: U.S. - About.com
The United States of America applies a variety of taxes to different types of income. Learn more about federal tax rates and special tax rates that apply to different ...
California - Top 10 Personal Income Tax Mistakes - Tax Planning: U.S.
The top ten most common mistakes made on California personal income tax returns that delay processing of your return and refund. Learn what to check for and ...
Seven States Without an Income Tax - Tax Planning: U.S. - About.com
See the list of seven U.S. states that have no income tax and find out where you'll get to keep more of your paycheck.
Federal Income Tax Rates for the Year 2014 - Tax Planning: U.S.
Find out the federal income tax rates 2014 and rates for other federal taxes. Explains how to use the tax rate charts to calculate a person's federal income tax for ...
Unemployment Compensation Benefits and Income Taxes
Unemployment compensation benefits are subject to the federal income tax, although some states treat unemployment benefits as tax-exempt.
U.S. States With No Income Tax - US Government - About.com
While individuals and businesses in all 50 states pay federal income tax, residents in 41 states also pay state income tax. Nine states have no state income tax: ...
What Is a Flat Income Tax - Details on the Flat Tax - Tax Planning: U.S.
A flat tax is one income tax rate that everyone pays regardless of their income level. Flat tax systems are becoming increasingly popular around the world and in ...
Which States Have a Flat Income Tax Rate? - Tax Planning: U.S.
A list of states that have implemented the flat tax. See which states have one flat income tax rate for all taxpayers.
Partnership Income Tax - US Business Law / Taxes - About.com
A partnership itself does not pay income taxes directly to the Internal Revenue Service. Instead, the partners are taxed on their shares of the income/loss of the ...
Net Investment Income Tax for Individuals - Tax Planning: U.S.
The net investment income tax is a tax on the lower of modified adjusted gross income over a threshold amount or net investment income for the year.
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